Bay-PAH @ BLFC 2023

Join us at BLFC on Wednesday, November 1st 2023 at 9:00pm, for an enchanting exploration into the realm of human puppy play, hosted by Bay-Pah! In this engaging panel, you will delve into the delightful world of those who identify closely with the playfulness, innocence, and affectionate nature of real puppies, kitties, dogs, and cats.

Like our furry companions, human puppies relish the simple pleasures in life—belly rubs, treats, and squeaky toys. Discover the joys and the deep sense of freedom that comes from embracing the inner pup within. Just a pat on the head, a kind word, or a tasty treat can transform your day, and at this panel, you’ll experience it all.

Whether you’re a well behaved puppy or just curious about this intriguing community, this event is the perfect opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and share your own experiences. Come prepared to engage with some adorable pups, learn about the values and dynamics that define this fascinating subculture, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for human puppy play.

So, “Ruff! Awoo!” and let’s embark on this unique journey together. Don’t miss out on the chance to wag your tail, enjoy a playful romp, and celebrate the spirit of human puppy play. For additional information, be sure to visit

BLFC 2023!

BLFC 2023 is right around the corner, and Bay-PAH will be there! We will be putting on a Pup Play panel followed up by a mosh, and we could use your help!

When is this event?

The panel will start at 9pm PT on Wednesday, November 1st. The mosh will happen afterward.

How can you help?

We need volunteers! If you’re going to BLFC and want to find out more about how you can help us put on the best panel at the con, please send a message to us on Telegram!

Meow :3

An update on BLFC 2021

BAY-PAH is looking forward to BLFC 2021, but with community safety our biggest priority, we are choosing not to host events at the con this year. There are several compounding reasons which contributed to our decision. First and foremost is the rise in Delta variant breakthrough COVID-19 cases. ? ? ?

This means we will not be hosting any events at the con. This includes a Puppy Mosh, Human Pup Play 101 panel, or other semi-private or public in-room events.

We look forward to hosting events at future cons, supporting cons in other ways, and of course, seeing all of you, our friends! Be Safe, Get Vaccinated and Wear a Mask. ❤️❤️❤️

April Game Night!

Meow~Awoo! And a Hello to humans.

Now that we’re out of chocolate, and hopefully done with our tax forms, let’s hang out and get some gaming in!

Please join BAY-PAH & Whiskey Pups for an online Game Night & Chat. We will be hosting the event on Discord. We’ll have the same fun but enhanced with multiple rooms for video conversations.

When: Next Saturday, April 24th, 2021, 5:30PM until 7PM PDT.

Please RSVP here:

Bay-PAH plans for BLFC and PAW

Greetings~nyaa! This cat, and the rest of the board, wanted to update you on our plans for BLFC and PAW!

We are coordinating with the organizers of both events to ensure the health and well-being of all involved. Our plans are currently in flux as guidelines are still evolving. It is our hope that we will be able to resume sharing our enthusiasm for all things furry, puppy, and whiskey with a full set of events, parties, gatherings and more.

Bay-PAH: Whiskey Pups – Cocktail Hour+ & Chat

Have you ever seen a pup down a dram?

Please join BAY-PAH & Whiskey Pup for an online Cocktail Hour+ & Chat.  We will be hosting our Cocktail Hour on Discord.  We’ll have the same fun and drinking but enhanced with multiple rooms for video conversations.

Discord works with most browsers, and they have apps for almost any type of device.  You’ll need to have an email registered with Discord to join this event, so please plan accordingly.

There are no +1s at this event, please ensure that you have your own ticket.

The Event Bright page for this event is here

Bay-PAH Virtual Panel and Social Hour

Woofs, Meows, and Salutations, wonderful puppy community! Purrs and virtually rubs up against all of you

Please join us on Thursday, June 4th at 7PM (Pacific Time) for a panel and social hour! We have selected several pups in the community to share why they enjoy the world of puppy, reminisce on old times, and share how they’ve been pupping out in this strange new world we find ourselves in.

Details on how to join the event will be posted beforehand on the Bay-PAH telegram channel. Stay tuned!

Meow~~~Awoooooooo! <3

Puppy Solidarity During These Ruff Times

Hello Everyone!

Last week, The Governor of California issued an executive order asking residents throughout the entire state to shelter-in-place, causing all of our lives to be affected. Through this tough time, The Board Members of BAY-PAH are wanting to reach out to assure you, that we are still here for you!

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, BLFC has been postponed until Halloween, and while this is a delay in our schedule of events, BAY-PAH still intends to be there on the rescheduled dates!”

While this executive order is in place, we recommend you stay home and minimize public social contact as per direction from the World Health Organization, and Center for Disease Control.

We also would like to invite you to stay in touch with us, via our chat located, on Telegram.

Chat: in app @baypah or

Remember to keep those heads up and tails wagging! Don’t worry pups, we may not be able to go to the puppy park right now, and have to stay indoors, but as soon as this is over, we can go out and go on all the adventures together! We shall get through this!

You are all an amazing community, that we are honored to be part of! If you need to talk to anyone, we are all only a chat and PM away!

Puppies, Kittens, and COVID-19

Meows, Barks, and other Salutations, gentle Bay-PAH folk –

As you are no doubt aware, the COVID-19 outbreak is a dynamic and evolving situation. As we move closer to BLFC, the Bay-PAH board of directors continues to monitor the situation. At this point in time, we intend to move forward with our BLFC events as planned.

I am sure you have many questions. I’ll meow about some of them:

What Bay-PAH is doing

The health and safety of our attendees is of paramount concern to us. We will be keeping up-to-date with CDC prevention recommendations and the WHO’s advice.

We are staying up-to-date on Reno’s municipal response, Nevada’s state-wide response, GSR’s local response as well as that of BLFC coordinators. Our current decision is to go on with the show, so long as BLFC itself is happening.

We are concerned with the stigma against those who have recently traveled, who are of Asian descent, are emergency or health care providers, or are in any other group who is being hurt by this stigma. Bay-PAH will not tolerate any such behavior toward our guests, our volunteers, or our staff.

What you can do

Wash your paws!

Stay home if you aren’t feeling well!

Keep up-to-date on on advice from the CDC and WHO.

And please remember:

Everyone deserves compassion and respect. We are all on this planet together. COVID-19 doesn’t care who it infects, and we are all potentially at risk. If we help each other stay informed and take appropriate precautions, care for each other, and stand against stigma and predjustice, then we can better protect each other, our communities, and ourselves.