Happy pups at a Bay-PAH mosh
Photo by William Pham

Welcome pups, handlers, friends, and the curious to the Bay-PAH website!

What is Bay-PAH?

BAY-PAH is the newest San Francisco Bay Area social group for human puppies and handlers!  We specialize in bringing puppies and furries together, and exploring the intersection of these different, yet similar fandoms.

2018 BLFC Puppy Panel
Photo by William Pham

We run social and mosh events around the Bay Area. These include puppy moshes at two large furry cons each year — Further Confusion and BLFC — providing ample mats (well over 1000 sqft!) to romp around or cuddle on.  We also host at least three puppy panels at furry cons to help introduce and provide resources to those curious about or new to human puppy play!

This year, our BLFC Puppy Mosh had over 120 attendees, and our FC Mosh had over 130!

Socially, we hold monthly game nights, summer picnics and pool parties, movie nights, and other activities.  In June, we’re going to the Oakland A’s Pride Night — where we have permission to wear puppy hoods!  Awoo~~~!

How do I learn more and get involved?

This website!  We’ll be posting all future Bay-PAH activities and events here.

We also host an active chat group on Telegram — Bay-PAH.  Join it to chat with and learn about our community!


Whiskey Pups?

Is there a group of whiskey-drinking pups within Bay-PAH? There is!

It’s called Whiskey Pups! Contact us on Telegram for more information.


Whiskey Pups