Interview with Silver Marenwolf

Today begins a new series of posts for the Bay-PAH blog — Puppy Interviews! And Handler interviews. And maybe even interviews with those crazy cat critters…

First up is Silver Marenwolf!

Silver joins us from the California Central Valley. He can be found on Facebook at, and on Twitter at

Welcome Silver!  Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Silver Marenwolf, and I’m an Alpha Pup/Hander in the Puppy community! I currently reside in the Central Valley of California. I’ve been in the BDSM/Puppy Play community for 10 years. I am a runner-up for 2018 Handler of the Year from International Pup & Handler Weekend

How did you become involved in human puppy play?

I have always had an interest in the pet play community, ever since becoming involved in the BDSM community. After years of serving as a Service Submissive (Butler) to a home. I felt myself wanting more, wanting to evolve into something, with learning and going to events.  I guess you can say I dove head first into the community and have not gone back since then.

Do you consider yourself to be a pup, a handler, both, or something else?

I mostly identify as a Handler, but I do and have been known to get on the mats and let my puppy side shine!

What are the top things you enjoy about human puppy play?

The ability to meet different people from all walks of life and put everything aside for a common interest.  Socializing with people that normally you would never think to socialize with. Traveling to events to meet other pups/handlers and see their dynamics in their relationships/life.  Getting on the pup mosh mats and wrestling around. (Having socks stolen if you are a handler…trust me sometime it is going to happen to you if you are a handler =D )

Are you a member of a pack?

Yes, I am Alpha of “ The House of Marenwolf”

What do you like best about your pack?

We are a family, we support each other in life and never let a member feel as if they are less than another.  I moved to California knowing almost no one. If it wasn’t for my pack I would still be alone. They have given me a family to talk to, and have been there for me during my birthday, holidays, and emotional needs.

Has your involvement in human puppy play impacted other aspects of your life?

I have become the owner to a very large furry telegram text-based BDSM chat-room, leader of a Kink 101 group, and internet based PAH Group.  I believe in making a place where all can go for Safe, Sane, and Consensual Kink where they can understand the risk involved within the BDSM, Puppy Play Community, and Furry Community.

I spend so much of my free time educating myself about all aspects of BDSM even if I am particularly uninterested in the kink/fetish myself. This is due to the need to know more. My mind is hungry for knowledge. I will never stop learning.

You see a squirrel; what do you do?

I have been known to bark, chase, and point it out for other pups to join in the fun of chasing those little squeaky toys made by the handler in the sky!

Do you have any advice for new or curious pups and handlers?

The strongest bit of advice I could give anyone entering into the puppy play community is to be open and honest with yourself and those around you. You don’t have to have gear to play around with other pups.  You don’t have to be owned or own others. You are welcome and loved just as you are. This community is built to allow you to have Safe, Sane and Consensual place to let go of the outside world, and escape into the mind of the puppy within you! You never have to fear the threat of being shamed for who you are.  Not all pups come in the same shape size, race, background, orientation, etc.

What is your favorite color?

Pink: this color is used for compassion, love, playful nature, admiration. It can communicate energy, increase pulse, encourage creativity, and motivate action.

Thank you Silver! I am grateful for you taking the time to answer these questions. You are due at least one extra belly rub next time we meet 🙂

Further Confusion was awesome!

A huge THANK YOU to all for coming! I was completely purred away by the turnout and interest. And the fact that despite not even having a #!$@ projector, you packed into our panel space and made it feel small! So much goodness! We were so delighted to see all of you!!

Thanks to your help, we were even able to pull off a small-scale mosh after the panel! So much happy! <3 Thank you!!!

Bay-PAH depends on your help and volunteering efforts. If you would like to become more involved please reach out to us on Telegram! In addition to needing day-of volunteers, we are also looking for more long-term commitments, helping us plan and run more and more and MOAR events!

I love this community. I truly, honestly do. Thank you so much for being my happy place! <3

Let’s make 2019 the most awesomest year EVAR~meow!!!

Excitedly purring for Further Confusion 2019!

This cat is very excited to attend his first con of 2019! I hope you are, too!

Bay-PAH will be at FC2019! However, due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts with key Bay-PAH board members (aka, “that nasty thing called real life,”) we will not be able to host a giant mosh as we’ve done at past cons.

But fret not! Instead, Bay-PAH is going to host a Puppy Mixer after our Puppy 101 panel! This will be a time for pups and handlers to relax, share perspectives, and have fun! I hope you will join us!

Want to help out with future Bay-PAH events? Want to contribute to determining our direction and take advantage of future opportunities? Please contact me and let’s talk about possibilities! Now is an awesome time to get involved with Bay-PAH!

I hope to see many of you at FC~Meow!

Cat out.

Happy Post-Holidays!!!

Meow~~! I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful winter holiday period. Except for a few exploration excursions, I was primarily an indoor cat. Playing games. Pretending I didn’t have responsibilities! Hurray!

I suppose I could have updated the blog once or twice. Whatevermeow.

It’s back-to-work time now, so website kitteh will get back on this! Further Confusion is coming up, and I’ll be posting the relevant Bay-PAH schedule soon.